WisyRDS  is flexible toolkit for AM/FM/RDS signals modulations addressed to receivers manufacturing test equipment as well as R&D product validation tests.

WisyRDS package includes also a complete set of NI LabVIEW® VIs and source code examples of common radio applications. This set allows the user to easily integrate AM/FM/RDS modulations functionalities into NI LabVIEW® applications to create dedicated RF tests.

WisyRDS supports a widely selectable formats of audio signals  and all most common RDS features such as Radiotext (RT), Enhanced Other Network, and Alternative Frequencies (AF).

The RDS/RBDS signals are generated according to the European standard "IEC/CENELEC 621061" (RDS) and the American "NRSC-4-A United States RBDS Standard" (RBDS).

WisyRDS is compliant with the WisyPLAY kit composed by the NI PXI-5610 RF Upconverter and the NI PXIe-5641R IF Transceiver.

The Signal waveforms are stored and played according to the signal format created by the user within the modulation framework in single or loop play.

RDS/RBDS Key features 

  • RDS deviation: 0 kHz to 7.5 kHz;
  • RDS initial phase: 0 degree to 360 degree;

Supported RDS Groups:

  • 0A (Alternative Frequencies).
  • 0B (Basic Information).
  • 2A (Radiotext).
  • 4A (Clock-time and Date).
  • 10A (Program Type Name).
  • 14A (EON Program Name, Program Type and Alternative Frequencies).
  • 14B (EON Traffic Announcements).
  • 15B (Fast Tuning Information).
  • PI (Program Identification).
  • PS (Program Service Name max 8 characters).
  • TP (Traffic Program flag).
  • TA (Traffic Announcement flag).
  • MS (Music/Speech flag).
  • DI (Decoder Information field).
  • PTYN (Program Type Name max 8 characters).
  • Clock-Time and Date information.
  • Radiotext (max 64 characters).
  • Alternative Frequencies list (max 25 frequencies).
  • EON (Enhanced Other Network) for 8 network with PS, AF list and PTY for each. 

Other features
WAV file (mono or stereo at 48 kHz sampling rate) may be used as the modulation source:

  • AM audio signals up to 10 kHz bandwidth,
  • FM mono or stereo audio signal up to 15 kHz bandwidth (with optional RDS signal);
  • VIs library for custom application in NI LabVIEW;

RF Hardware
Compliant with WisyPlay kit composed by the NI PXI-5610 RF Upconverter and the NI PXIe-5641R IF Transceiver;
RF Power range: -140 dBm to  +10 dBm;
RF Frequency range: 250 kHz to 2.7 GHz;
Clock stability:   better than 0.1 ppm;
RF Power Accuracy: +/-1 dB;
Frequency resolution:  1 Hz;
Spurious: max.-40 dBc (2nd Harmonic);

For more hardware detail, see also the
NI PXI-5610 RF Upconverter and the
NI PXIe-5641R IF Transceiver datasheets.

Download Data sheet
(pdf 808 Kb)
  • WisyRDS creates AM/FM/RDS/RBDS signals through a user-friendly NI LabVIEW based API.
  • The generated waveforms can be stored and played with WisyPLAY dual-RF Generator.
  • The signal configuration (e.g., FM deviation, RDS groups) can be programmatically modified by the user application
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