Dual simultaneous RF signal generator for flexible Radio  & GPS Receivers Test.

WisyPlay fully interprets the software defined radio paradigm  and operates in combination with a wide variety of radio  modulation software (e.g.,WisyGPS, WisyRDS, WisyDAB, NI GPS,..) allowing the simultaneous play of two customer’s choice radio streams over two independent RF channels.

WisyPlay allows to perform simultaneous testing over two independent RF receivers/devices, even of different kind, and to perform receivers intermodulation and selectivity tests in one instrument.

The extreme flexibility of WisyPlay solution allows to change on-the-fly modulation formats so as to make the solution extremely suitable in the  manufacturing, quality insurance and R&D contexts.

WisyPlay offers the software flexibility to swing among different modulations, baseband contents output power and frequency.

Each signal can also be played, stopped, paused and re-played at any time.

WisyPlay manages up to  two independent real-time channels by generating two different and independent RF waveforms.

WisyPlay supports PXI Backplane triggers for easy measurement synchronization.

WisyPlay has the ability to manage real-time waveforms streaming from the host computer disk, thus  very long waveforms play time.

WisyPlay includes both LabVIEW® VI’s and a stand-alone Test Panel executable.

The Test Panel allows the user to immediately start to play any waveform at whatever RF Power and Frequency.

WisyPlay supports the following National Instruments RF hardware configuration:
1 or 2 NI PXI-5610 (RF Upconverter)
1 NI PXIe-5641R (IF-RIO Transceiver)

RF Specifications Summary
RF Power Range:    -140 dBm to +10 dBm
RF Frequency Range:   250 kHz to 2.7 GHz
Clock stability:   better than 0.1 ppm;
RF Power Accuracy:   +/- 1 dB;
Frequency Resolution:   1 Hz
Spurious: maximum -40 dBc (Second Harmonic)

For more hardware detail, see also the NI PXI-5610 RF Upconverter and the NI PXIe-5641R IF Transceiver datasheets.



Download Data sheet
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  • Cost and space saver solution.
  • Simultaneous generation of two independent channels/modulation radio streams.
  • Real-time waveform streaming from disk. Easy integration with all Wisytech modulation packages.
  • APIs for custom application within the NI LabVIEW® framework.
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