A DAB/DAB+/DMB flexible generator is essential in factory testing facilities to verify the correctness and performances of the radio receivers manufacturing, design validation and quality insurance.

WisyDAB provides user-friendly LabVIEW® API’s for creation of DAB/DAB+/DMB signals from an Ensemble Transportation Interface (ETI) file. The input ETI file and the signal duration are user selectable.

Each selected ETI file is decoded in order to immediately preview the associated  Ensemble information such as the Ensemble Name, the Service Name, the Service Bit Rate, and the Service protection level.

This feature allows the user to verify selected ETI input file integrity.

WisyDAB is a valuable tool for R&D validation tests. Automation of manufacturing tests may be developed through the provided NI LabVIEW® API.
The Signal waveforms can be stored and played at RF frequency according to the signal format created by the user within the modulation framework (e.g., single shot play, looping).

The package includes a set of NI LabVIEW® VIs with source examples of common radio applications.
This set allows the user to easily integrate WisyDAB functionalities into NI LabVIEW applications.

OFDM DAB Modulator Features
Compliant with the EN 300 401 standard (Eureka 147);
Compliant with ETI-NI files according to the EN 300 799 standard;
Compliant with ETI-NI files carrying DAB+ and DMB stream information;
Supported transmission: mode I, II, III, IV;
Supports both III-band and L-band.

FIC Decoding Features
The following information are decoded from the input ETI files and showed in the GUI:

  • Ensemble Label;
  • Ensemble ID;
  • Services Labels;
  • Subchannel ID;
  • Start Address and Capacity of the service;
  • Services Bit Rate and Protection Level;
  • Transportation Mechanism;
  • Component Type.

RF and IF FPGA Hardware
WisyDAB is compliant with the WisyPlay kit that is composed by the NI PXI-5610 RF Upconverter and the NI  PXI-5641R IF RIO board;
RF Power Range: -140 dBm to  +10 dBm;
RF Frequency Range: 250 kHz to 2.7 GHz;
Clock Stability: better than 0.1 ppm;
RF Power Accuracy:  +/1 dB;
Frequency Resolution: 1 Hz;
Spurious: maximum -40 dBc (2nd harmonic).

For more hardware details, see also
NI PXI-5610 RF Upconverter,
NI PXIe-5641R IF Transceiver datasheets.

Download Data sheet
(pdf 796 Kb)
  • WisyDAB allows to create WisyPlay compliant DAB/DAB+/DMB data streams through a user-friendly NI LabVIEW API.
  • Supports NI PXI 566x & NI 5641R VSG's.
  • Includes a stand-alone instrument control application.
  • Full ETI editing capabilities are provided with the optional ETI File Editor.
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