WiSyTech (Wireless Systems Technology) is a unique mixture of competences from the academia and the industry aim to develop hardware and software products for advanced wireless communication systems.

Established in 2006, WiSyTech is a spin-off of Politecnico di Milano and CNR (National Research Council) with the mission to transfer into innovative products the know-how of the research-labs of Politecnico di Milano and CNR on next generation wireless systems, and of Alfautomazione S.p.A., a leading company on system integration and manufactory testing.

Based on the Software Defined Radio paradigm that guarantees the reconfigurability of DSP/FPGA architectures for 3G/4G baseband processing design, WiSyTech has developed FPGA IP cores and software IP products for testing fixed and mobile WIMAX (IEEE802.16-2004/2005), software generators for virtual instruments for GPS satellite navigation systems and for broadcasting (AM/FM/RDS, DAB/DAB+/DMB,).

WisyTech is cooperating with the Research Labs of Politecnico di Milano and CNR on development of IP products for up/down RF/IF converters for MIMO systems, I&Q imbalance compensation and standardized optical interfaces (CPRI and OBSAI). Marketing and validation of testing products are through Alfautomazione.

WiSyTech has offices at the Incubator of Politecnico di Milano and at Alfautomazione's facilities in Lissone (Mi), Italy.


WisyTech's co-founders

Prof. U.Spagnolini
Politecnico di Milano

Prof. V.Rampa


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